A Fond Hello

Hey There! It is has been a while since I last wrote a page. Three years to be exact. I am Bran, the author of this little space. I used to have a blog “The Many Adventures of Bran,” it no longer exists; because I let it go. It was a great blog that resembled the woman I used to be two children ago. Now I am just the crazy lady that runs a household full of creatures and beings. How many? There are currently four creatures and six beings that reside around here. The ratio? Three girls and seven boys; yes I know totally outnumbered here. I manage to keep most of my sanity at the end of the day and other days not so much.

What can you expect here? Anything really, whatever comes to mind, but it will be really real. I won’t be afraid to share the good, the bad, and the ugly here. The last time I had a blog I was struggling, I was going through a personal crisis, I was trying to be someone I was no longer enjoying, and I worked too much at painting an image of what I wanted the world to see on the outside, when I was torn apart on the inside. I just ceased wanting to be that person and not really knowing who I really wanted to be I could no longer relate or fake my way through being that person anymore. That blog was predominately a place I shared scrapping (which I hardly have time for.) I loved the work I put into that blog, the people I met, and the world I created, until I changed.

I suffer from depression and have done so for most of my life and I also suffer from PMDD. I have some pretty good ideas of what led me there including imbalances in my brain that I can’t personally control. My third baby broke me though, not really. My body just began breaking while pregnant with him. While I have yet to fix all of the things that contribute to my depression, I am on the path and I am learning and I will share that here. Maybe I can be just a real person that relates and encourages or supports others. I am not medically certified so it will be opinion based and supported by findings and research.

I am a proud mamma of Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. D, and Mr. T my boys, Ziggerton “Ziggy” and Bruce my male cats, Rosie McRose Rose my female cat, and Lilly my female dog; I am a wife to the Hubster. All I can say is that God knew me well when he gave me boys without any mixture of girls. I am just not wired for girls. (I am not sure that I am all the wired correctly anymore anyways). Not to say that my boys aren’t a handful because in reality they are like five handfuls each. They drive me to insanity (think glowing red eyes and fiery hair) and then tell me I am beautiful, and then all is right in the world again.

This is just the start, and I hope to treat this blog better than my journal, as I certainly don’t keep up with that. Until then…Cheers!

United States Botanical Gardens, Washington D.C., Vacation 2011

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