Finding Answers

I am feeling better more everyday. Fall is still a little bit down the road, but I get small pockets of crisp fall air coming from the northern states. I am still tired, I think this is a permanent condition of being a mom. Laying up at night thinking about my kids, their futures, their well-beings. Did we say I love you and hug enough? Did I give each boy enough one on one time? Mr. D is heading to his last year of middle school. It feels surreal. My first baby is not a baby, but a young man. Last year somewhere in the bumping of heads we found our peaceful median and our mother/son relationship grew up. Even though in my heart he is still my baby and will stay that way for all time.

Now with two of my oldest going to school soon, I have two at home. One that we are hopefully very close to finding answers for. Then I can take on my health problems. I know that my pituitary gland is malfunctioning as well as my thyroid; both of which have contributed to my increased depression. Most of that additional anxiousness is residing now that I know there is a reason and that it is not all in my head. I am looking forward to finding the answer that unlock my road to recovery. I am out of my cave, I am feeling less blues, I am working hard to be whole.

Today is an easy breathing day. Even though we are financially set back we are not really not behind. We will still manage to pay all of our bills, it just means stretching the pantry and being inventive when making  meals. I feel like I am in a better place about things at the moment as I have a direction to follow.


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